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Creating your Social Media Strategy in 4 steps

Tamay Shannon, founder of W2S Marketing (Where 2 Start Marketing) joins Danette Moss, Host of Let’s Talk Strategies to discuss “Creating your Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps”.

on Let's Talk Strategies with Danette MossTamay Shannon’s goal in life is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Her business, Where 2 Start Marketing, trains and educates small business owners on the uses of social media, making it an effective marketing tool. Tamay graduated with a Bachelors with a concentration in Studio Arts from Wellesley College. Upon graduation, she entered a master’s degree program in Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Alabama. Through her educational training, she developed a love for communication, especially marketing through social media. She’s always up for a rousing discussion on social media and can be found at @where2start.

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