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The mistakes I made, you don’t have to. . .

As a Single Mompreneur growing a business, I dived so deep into my business that I neglected my children and I quickly had to get balance.  I had to remember that I didn’t have the luxury of working all day and all night like someone that didn’t have children.  The kids had to eat, someone needed to drive them to the track meets and cheerleading practice.  Heck, someone had to teach them how to clean the house and the correct way of doing the laundry!

As a Wifepreneur, my husband did not support my vision or dream, because to him it looked like a hobby.  I learned how important it was not to bash him just because he didn’t understand why this was so important to me.

Do you feel like your living in a prison because you gave up on your dream to put your husband and children first?

I got sick and tired of people saying. . . Danette, God gave you that vision, not your husband.

You know that God gave you the vision, but it’s uber important that the person you’re with understands that it is important to you, even if they don’t care to get involved in your business. The good news is you can work around it, and I can show you how.



What I Do

I teach women that it’s okay to have your vision and dream and build upon it while still remaining devoted to their families. 

I’m the business strategist and support catalyst for online womenpreneurs. I even wrote a book about it “Let’s Talk Strategies: Conversations with Millionaires and Highly Successful Entrepreneurs, The Solopreneurs Guide to Success.”

I chose this business to be with my children at home and to prove to my husband that I can run a business and with a systematic approach and make money. I want to help other women not be handicapped or feel stuck or to have to go and ask someone else for money. I want them to know that they can make it themselves and still have a balanced home life.

I want to help you get back the time you need with your children, release your fear of money, set premium prices for your services and take back control over your 

business coaching

If you want to take a big leap forward with your business and boost your brand, you want a system that you are known for and which provides you with the potential for multiple income streams. As your business coach, I will listen to your ideas and provide you a step-by-step process to design your unique signature system and turn it into a signature program which will teach your clients how to increase your income and teach your clients to implement and achieve the same results as you.
and turn it into a help "YOU", identify your signature expertise, design a signature system and package it to increase your income and teach your clients how to implement your system to achieve the same results as yours.

business consulting

As your business consultant (expert), I partner with you utilizing my skills in web design, small business marketing, strategy planning or growing a business. I teach you skills, like creating your signature system for your business or better online and offline marketing techniques.

events & training

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unlock your potential

Coaching Packages

Professional Growth

4 Sessions

In theses sessions, we’re going to determine what ‘community’ means to you, examine the hallmarks of good leadership and understand how your success will benefit those you serve, as well as inspire and serve them.  We’re going to explore how to find your path to getting organized and staying organized, while taking the negativity out of the term, ‘self-discipline’.

Business productivity

12 Sessions

In this session, you’re going to learn tools and techniques that will help you maximize your productivity so that you can truly get more done in less time. These productivity tips don’t only apply to the work you do for a living, but any kind of work you do in your daily life. You can apply them to your work around the house, creative work, and even leisure activities where you have some goal you’re working toward.

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