You can be a mom and a wife and still have the business that you’ve
dreamed of, without sacrificing your marriage or your dreams.


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Danette Moss

Business Strategist & Support Catalyst

Danette Moss, Business Strategist and Support Catalyst to Wifepreneurs, Divorced Mompreneurs and Single Mompreneurs at Let’s Talk Strategies, home of The SASS Factor™ (Strategic Action Signature Systems) and The Online Visibility Formula™ where she helps women to stop feeling guilty about not spending time with their husband and children while growing a successful business by developing systematic strategies for their businesses both on and offline, resulting in getting more customers and increasing business profits. She is the founder of The Association For Women Entrepreneurs and Creator of the Facebook group, Get Your SASS On. Learn more about her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on her website to stay in touch, share your comments and continue the conversation. Danette is also a speaker and the author of the book Let’s Talk Strategies: Conversations with Millionaires and Highly Successful Entrepreneurs, The Solopreneurs Guide to Success. And co-author of the book Conversations With Experts: Do What You Love, Get Paid What You’re Worth.